Combo rehearsals are held in the large and small jazz studios. Students may practice in the studios when combos are not scheduled. Please refer to the schedule below. If you would like to reserve a studio, please contact Ted Moore or inquire in the Student Musical Activities Office in Room 72 about availability.


UC Jazz members generally provide their own instruments, but some instruments are available. Thanks to a generous donation by the Cal Alumni Big Band, we have a new Yamaha vibraphone set. We also have two drum kits, a double-bass, an upright and grand piano, and several amplifiers for guitarists and bassists.

We only provide equipment for on and off campus UC Jazz gigs. We do not lend out equipment for personal gigs! If you need any equipment for a gig, it must be sponsored by UC Jazz and go through the booking process.

Practice Rooms

In need of a place to practice? In addition to the two jazz studios, SMA has four practice rooms available to UC Jazz members in the basement of Cesar Chavez. Go to the SMA offices in Room 72, across the hall from our large studio, to check out a room. Practice rooms are available from 9am to 5pm.

Additional practice rooms are available at the music department in Morrison Hall. Please refer to the music department website for hours and practice room procedures.

Jazz Library

The Duke Ellington Memorial Jazz Library is used for weekly meetings and is a place to hang out, read, or listen to the many records in our collection. On hand are several volumes of Jamey Aebersold’s play along records. A speaker system is set-up in the large studio so you can practice to the records. Please speak to one of the UC Jazz officers to check out these materials.

We have many great classic recordings for you to enjoy and study. The Jazz Library has a record player and a collection of records, and the large studio has a digitized record collection on the computer in that room. Records are NOT for check out. You must go to the library or studio to listen to these records.