Fall 2019 Auditions

To sign up for an audition, visit the UC Jazz studios in the basement of the Cesar Chavez building (at the end of the hall) and write your name in a time slot on the bulletin board. Fall 2019 auditions will include auditions for our big band, which we will reinstate if we have enough players. UC Jazz auditions for the 2019/2020 school year will be held on:

  • Tuesday, Sep 3 10am-3pm
  • Wednesday, Sep 4 10am-3pm
  • Thursday, Sep 5 10am-1pm

Big Band Auditions

UC Jazz will have auditions for big band this Fall. They will be part of the regular audition schedule. The band will be led by UC Faculty member, Marty Wehner, and will be held on Tuesdays from 11-1. We will only have the big band if enough people audition and get accepted.

Beginning Combo

Rehearsals will be on Wednesdays from 7-9. Auditions will be on Sep 11 from 7-10 and sign up sheets will be posted on the UC Jazz bulletin board.

Spring 2020 Auditions

Auditions for most combos only take place in the Fall. There will be no auditions in Spring for the Beginning Combo due to the fact that the entire band from Fall will continue.

Fall/Spring 2020 Schedule

  • Ted Moore Advanced: Wed 1-3
  • Frank Martin advanced: Wed 3-5
  • Dann Zinn Advanced: Thurs 5-7
  • Village Vanguard (Ted Moore): Mon 11-1
  • Blue Note (Ted Moore): Fri 1-3
  • Glenn Richman Intermediate: Mon 4-6
  • Ted Moore Intermediate: Tues 2-4
  • Marty Wehner Big Band: Tues 11-1
  • Beginning Combos: Wed 7-9

Audition Requirements

UC Jazz holds individual auditions for all new members. The list of audition requirements is intended to be comprehensive and to represent all levels of experience, and we know that not everyone will be able to fulfill all of the audition requirements. Come prepared to demonstrate as many of the requirements as possible. This will help us to determine which level is appropriate for you.

All Horns, Piano, Guitar, Vibes

  • Scales: all major, minor scales (Dorian), and all dominant 7th + Lydian Dominant 7th
  • Sight-reading: material selected by instructors
  • Impovisation: play along with a recorded track (Abersold); you can choose from a list of standards

Piano, Guitar, Vibes

  • Comping: demonstrate comping technique on all the above styles by playing through changes
  • Latin comping: demonstrate comping technique by playing through changes on a Latin tune


  • Demonstrate walking through blues and rhythm changes (in the combo)
  • Demonstrate walking through any standard tune of your choice in the Real Book (in the combo)
  • Demonstrate example of the following grooves: funk, samba, generic latin (either in the combo or individually)
  • Sight-reading: material selected by instructors


  • Knowledge of all rudiments; you will be asked to play 3 of them (individually)
  • Demonstrate knowledge of swing, rock, samba, bossa nova, salsa, generic latin, jazz waltz grooves (individually)
  • Brushes: demonstrate swing and straight 8th-note grooves (individually)
  • Meters (individually): Samba in 3/2, Funk in 7/4, Latin in 12/8
  • Soloing: trade 4's in blues form and samba tune (in the combo)
  • Sight-reading: big band chart selected by instructors (individually)


  • For extra consideration (especially for advanced combos): perform a classical piece from the repertoire of your instrument

Attendance Policy

When you participate in UC Jazz, it is important that you are aware of our attendance policy. Attendance is mandatory! This means that barring extreme events we will expect you to be at all rehearsals.

UC Jazz follows the “three strikes” model for missing rehearsals. You are permitted to miss two rehearsals a semester for legitimate reasons. After the third miss, you will be subject to review and may lose your place in UC Jazz.

Acceptable reasons for not being able to make a rehearsal include illness, midterms, and serious emergencies. Unacceptable reasons for missing rehearsal include projects, homework, and the like. All students have these commitments, and you are expected to manage your time such that you can make rehearsal. Check the rehearsal times, and audition for a combo only when you are certain that you can make ALL the rehearsals.

If you know that you cannot make it to a rehearsal, please notify Ted as far in advance as possible so that a replacement may be found. This is especially important for rhythm section players! Rehearsals suffer greatly without the support of a full rhythm section.


UC Jazz charges dues each semester (currently $95 per semester) to cover use of instruments, amps, drums, etc. and also use of practice rooms. This applies to all members of UC Jazz, undergrad students, grad students, community members and DeCal.

Leadership Positions

In addition to playing in our combos, you can become even more involved by joining the committee of student officers within UC Jazz. UC Jazz student officers have had a big impact on the program over the years and becoming an officers gives you the opportunity to directly affect department activities.

Music Department Credit

It is possible for Music Majors only to receive credit for participation in UC Jazz, when chosen as an ensemble elective. Please check with the Music Department for further information and with any qualification questions.